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Shaks is an artist who started creating his own recordings from a young age. His creativity shines through his music, which has taken off in just over a year. Young and enthusiastic, he has started to make a name for himself within the Bristol music scene.
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Artist Management


Marcus Boothe: (A&R)

Marcus is a key advocate for the underground music scene. He is the co-founder of D&M (Daboothe & Max), which is a multimedia platform spotlighting up and-coming artists combined with comedy, interviews & sketches. Born and raised in Bristol, his love for the local music scene was the catalyst for the journey he embarks now.


Xavier Burgess: (Agent)

Xavier is a creative entrepreneur at heart and has been turning his ideas into businesses since his early teens. Music is Xavier’s main passion, and where he intends to focus his talents; forging his future career.

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